Welcome to Half Brothers Brewing Company! We love great beer and we love this great community! That’s why we’ve spent the past 10 years learning and building up our skills to bring a quality craft brewing company to Grand Forks, North Dakota. Working with local artists and professionals, we’ve built something special that goes beyond quality beer. Come in for a pint and and see for yourself.


We brew excellent beer for our patrons to enjoy… but so does every other successful brew house. We built this company to be more than just another brewery. We work hard to craft an experience that promotes art and culture in the community. Live bands and artists from the community come together to be a part of a unique experience and help us provide a place where our patrons can come to take part in something unique and entertaining, each every night of the week!


A great product paired with a great experience can only come from hiring great people. We hire friendly, knowledgeable staff to brew your beer and serve you, our patrons. Our Beertenders are all experienced brewers with a passion for brewing new and interesting beer. All of our staff members are trained to know everything about our brewing process, and are happy to answer questions or engage in lively beer geek debate. If you’re interested becoming a part of the team at Half Brothers Brewing Company, check out our open positions here.